the line

One million artworks in a single line.

View 600+ exhibiting artists on The Line.Enjoy new curations of select artists.Walk The Line and immerse yourself in the frontier of artists who mint.

Artists with 20+ minted artworks are eligible to join The Line.Add entire collections, as long as it is art you created. Add more your art to The Line anytime.

Art at scale

1 million artworks

The Line is a distraction free, limitless art experience.

Wild Alps

View Entire collections

Artist Curated

Experience an artists entire canon of work, curated by the artist.

Direct Access

Art First. Always.

No queues. No getting lost. No long walks.


Art First

Meme Free zone

The Line is a meme free zone. Art first. Always.

Please report meme graffiti to @mintfacess for removal.

It is time

Join The Line

Artists add up to 300 of your artworks on our mission to 1 million artworks in a single line.

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Guest Curation

Anyone can curate a collection of artists from The Line.All you need to do is list each artists number on The Line in the order you would like visitors to view them.Example: ---12---18---20---35Visit line12 then Line18 and so on from the Artist List.

The follow segments of The Line are exhibiting art by women: 3---5---11---14---17---18---19---25---43---46---49---64---65---70---80---95---96---112---121---133---163---203---204---246---261---300---313

Got a favorite curation? Let @mintfacess know on Twitter to have it included here.

Exhibiting Artists

Visit an artist you already love on The Line.... then keep walking and discover new artists.Each artist exhibit takes 1 - 2 minutes to view.To walk the first 100 artist exhibits takes approximately 90 minutes.

0 - 100

101 - 200

201 - 300

301 - 400

401 - 500

501 - 600

601 - 700

The Line 601 - 700 is currently under construction.Artists can apply to exhibit their entire collection on The Line to be included in this historic project to show one million artworks in a single line.

Thank You

Arts are better because of Patrons like you.